The special issue of the 4th HenU / INFER Workshop on Applied Macroeconomics will be published in Review of International Economics.


The issue will include the following papers:

1. Benassy-Quere, Agnes / Bussiere, Matthieu / Wibaux, Pauline: Trade and Currency Weapons - Online Appendix

2. Carpio, Ronaldo / Meixin, Guo: Bayesian Estimation on Currency Union Effect - Online Appendix

3. Lien, Jaimie W. / Lu, Lin / Zheng, Jie: A General Equilibrium Model of International Trade with Social Comparisons - Online Appendix

4. Gu, Xinhua / Lei, Chun Kwok / Sheng, Li / Zhao, Qinbing: Global current account imbalances and the link between income and consumption inequality

5. Belke, Ansgar / Domnick, Clemens: Trade and capital flows: substitutes or complements? - Online Appendix

6. El-Shagi, Makram / Yamarik, Steven: The Political Economy of Capital Controls

7. Joyce, Joseph: The Sources of Investment Income on Emerging Market Economies - Online Appendix

8. Tochkov, Kiril: Regional Real Exchange Rates and Economic Growth: Evidence from Russia

9. Ho, Tai-kuang / Lin, Ya-Chi / Yeh, Kuo-Chun: The Case of Starting a New Exchange Rate after Debt Settlement: Reexamining Alternatives to Argentina┬┤s Exchange Rate Policy in 2001-2 - Online Appendix

10. Frohm, Erik / Gunnella, Vanessa: Spillovers in Global Production Networks - Online Appendix

11. Murach, Michael / Wagner, Helmut: The effects of external shocks on the business cycle in China: A structural change perspective - Online Appendix