The special issue of the 3rd HenU / INFER Workshop on Applied Macroeconomics on "Current Issues in Applied Macroeconomics" will be published in Macroeconomic Dynamics.


The issue will include the following papers:

  1. Jerbashian, V.: Intellectual Property and Product Market Competition Regulations in a Model with Two R&D Performing Sectors
  2. Ho, T.-K. / Lin, Y.-C. / Yeh, K.-C.: Alternative Monetary Policies under Keynesian Animal Spirits
  3. Steiner, A.: Monetary Policy - When the Zero Lower Bound Is Within Reach: A Smooth Transition Regression Approach
  4. Fidrmuc, J. / Degler, M.: Temporal and Spatial Dependence of Interregional Risk Sharing: Evidence from Russia
  5. Tochkov, K.: Regional convergence in large emerging economies: A distribution dynamics approach
  6. Sarlin, P. / von Schweinitz, G.: Optimizing policymakers' loss functions in crisis prediction: before, within or after?
  7. Balima, H. W. / Combes, J.-L. / Minea, A.: The “Dark Side” of Credit Default Swaps Initiation: A Close Look at Sovereign Debt Crises
  8. Swofford, J. / Hjertstrand, P. / Whitney, G. A.: Index Numbers and Revealed Preference Rankings
  9. Bussiere, M. / Karadimitropoulou, A. / León-Ledesma, M.A.: Current Account Dynamics and the Real Exchange Rate: Disentangling the Evidence
  10. Bournakis, I. / Mallick, S.: Do Corporate Taxes harm economic performance? Explaining distortions in R&D- and Export-Intensive UK Firms
  11. Marakbi, R. / Turcu, C. / Villieu, P.: Institutions’ Impact on the Corruption-Growth Nexus: Nonlinearities and Transmission Channels
  12. El-Shagi, M.: When Does Monetary Measurement Matter (Most)?