Selected papers from the 2nd HenU / INFER Workshop on Applied Macroeconomics were published in Economic Modelling in Volume 67 (December 2017) and Volume 68 (January 2018):


Volume 67, December 2017

Popescu, Alexandra / Turcu, Camelia: Sovereign debt and systemic risk in the eurozone: A macroeconomic perspective, pp 275-284

Kapounek, Svatopluk / Kučerová, Zuzana / Fidrmuc Jarko: Lending conditions in EU: The role of credit demand and supply, in: Economic Modelling, pp 285-293

Siliverstovs, Boriss: Dissecting models' forecasting performance, pp 294-299

Belke, Ansgar / Gros, Daniel: Optimal adjustment paths in a monetary union, pp 338-345

Zhang, Heng-Guo / Su, Chi-Wei / Song, Yan / Qiu, Shuqi / Xiao, Ran / Su, Fei: Calculating Value-at-Risk for high-dimensional time series using a nonlinear random mapping model, pp 355-367


Volume 68, January 2018

Diallo, Boubacar: Bank efficiency and industry growth during financial crises, Economic Modelling, pp 11-22

Klingelhöfer, Jan / Rongrong, Sun: China's regime-switching monetary policy, pp 32-40

Mezei, József / Sarlin, Peter: RiskRank: Measuring interconnected risk, in: Economic Modelling, pp 41-50

Lauretta, Eliana: The hidden soul of financial innovation: An agent-based modelling of home mortgage securitization and the finance-growth nexus, pp 51-73

Abberger, Klaus / Graff, Michael / Siliverstovs, Boriss / Sturm, Jan-Egbert: Using rule-based updating procedures to improve the performance of composite indicators, pp 127-144