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New Century Grand Hotel

Our conference venue is the New Century Grand Hotel, Kaifeng. You can reserve a room here for the special conference rate of 380 RMB per night (including breakfast). 

Lavenda Dream Hotel

Our second option for your stay in Kaifeng is the Lavenda Dream Hotel. It is within 20 minutes walking distance to the conference venue. You can reserve a room here for 300 RMB per night (including breakfast).

Central Capital Hotel Kaifeng

Your third option is the Central Capital Hotel Kaifeng, which is a short taxi ride (roughly 7 RMB one way) or a 30 minute walk away from the conference venue. You can reserve a room here for 250 RMB per night (also including breakfast).

Please note: You can book a room for the conference rate in all 3 hotels only during the registration process.

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Pre-conference Dinner on June 22nd
Conference Dinner on June 23rd
Farewell Dinner on June 24th
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On June 25th, we will organize a trip to visit some of Kaifeng's major sights from the Song Dynasty. The cost for the trip will be around 350 RMB (45 Euro or 55 USD) payable during the conference at the reception desk.

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