2nd HenU / INFER Workshop on Applied Macroeconomics

18-19 March 2016, Henan (China)


jointly organized by

School of Economics of Henan University (HenU)

International Network for Economic Research (INFER)


Ever since the outbreak of the great financial crisis, economists have to face the question why our profession failed to foresee the crisis. Thus, our understanding of business cycles and our forecasting techniques have been subject to intense scrutiny, not only from outside the profession but mainly from inside. The consensus that emerged during the so called Great Moderation, that is now considered a brewing storm rather than a phase of prosperity, has crumbled. At the same time, with a potential structural break only a few years back, new challenges arose for the analysis and prediction of business cycle fluctuation. Therefore, it is more important than ever to work on the empirical understanding of the business cycle and to improve our toolbox for forecasting, in particular forecasting in ime of crisis and forecasting crisis.

On March 18th and 19th the School of Economics (HenU) and the International Network for Economic Research (INFER) devoted their second joint workshop on applied macroeconomics to these and related issues.




Conference Venue

Kaifeng Zhongzhou International Hotel

No. 9, Daliang Street, Kaifeng, Henan, China


Keynote lectures

Kenneth D. West

John D. MacArthur and Ragnar Frisch Professor of Economics / Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Barbara Rossi

Department of Business and Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Yoshino Naoyuki

Dean of the Asian Development Bank, Tokyo

Travel and accomodation

Lunch and dinner are provided for all participants of accepted papers by Henan University. Rooms are available at the conference venue for a special conference rate of 400 RMB. Pickup service will be provided free of charge from Zhengzhou Airport and the major train stations in Zhengzhou.


Special Issue

Selected, excellent papers will be published in a special issue of Economic Modelling. Those papers are subject to additional double blinded peer review.


Organization Committee

Makram EL-SHAGI (HenU / IWH)

ZHANG Lin (HenU)

Contact / Support

Hazel HOTCHANDANI (hazelhotch@gmail.com)

WANG Yue "Elena" (479971409@qq.com)


Scientific Committee

Makram EL-SHAGI (HenU / IWH)

ZHANG Lin (HenU)


DONG Baomin (HenU)

Jarko FIDRMUC (Zeppelin University / HenU)


Jack HOU (CSULB / HenU)

JIANG Lunan (HenU)

Frank SHAO (HenU)

WANG Qianqian (HenU)